B.A.hons in English & American literature from the University of East Anglia

Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy from the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) 1989

Diploma in Supervision from the CCPE 1990

Certificate in Transpersonal Psychotherapy from the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology (CTP) 1992


I have been a graduate therapist since 1989, and see a weekly case-load of between 25-30 clients and supervisees. I can usually find vacant slots during the day, but I sometimes have a waiting-list for evening appointments.

I have also run several groups on psychological and spiritual themes as a core member of staff at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London, and was a senior lecturer there to students from 1994 until I left in 2004.

I now work independently.

I have run 17 other independent workshops on archetypal themes since 2001, including subjects such as Mother, Father, Child, Self, Spirit, Dreams, Eros & Trickster. I am not currently running any groups or workshops, however. (See Shop page).

For my own further learning I have been in Jungian analysis & supervision since 1991, and have studied Shamanism with the Sacred Trust Organisation (Tel: 01736-331825, [email protected], www.sacredtrust.org).

After leaving University, I briefly worked in advertising before living in the United States and Mexico and learning about spirituality with a Sufi teacher in exile from Baghdad, for two years. During this time I did many odd jobs, including busking, picking fruit, working for a shipping company and running my own ice-cream business! I also began to develop a career as a singer/song-writer.

When I returned to the UK I completed my trainings in psychotherapy, a vocation largely inspired by my shamanic and spiritual experiences abroad. Gaining a record deal at around the same time, I have now recorded 34 albums of my own music since 1987 which are distributed worldwide, firstly for New World Music, and latterly through my own independent record company, Singing Stone Music.

I commute between London and Budapest, where I am involved with a spiritual community that continues a self-knowledge tradition going right back to the Mystery Schools of Ancient Greece, with reference also to Cathar & Rosicrucian traditions, and the mystical vision of Rudolf Steiner.

I am married with two grown-up sons.


[email protected]
tel: 07733-113428
Putney and
St Johns Wood
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