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Welcome to my website. I am English, but live in Budapest and commute to London! I offer psychotherapy for individuals and couples on Skype and in Budapest (occasionally London), embracing both psychological and spiritual perspectives. I also offer spiritual mentoring for individuals, and spiritual counselling and psychotherapy supervision for other practitioners as well.

Tel: Hungary: 0036 20 311 3954
Email: asha@ashaquinn.com.
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The word 'psychotherapy' comes from the ancient Greek words 'psyche' and 'terapia', meaning 'to attend the soul'. This was at the very core of my training, and is at the heart of my raison d'être... my aspiration as a healer and a helper is to attend the soul.

"The reason why consciousness exists, and why there is an urge to widen it and deepen it, is very simple... things go less well without it." (C.G.Jung)


I have daytime and evening availability, and can help with general life guidance from a spiritual and depth psychology perspective, as well as with many troublesome issues like anxiety and panic, depression, fear and phobias, eating disorders, compulsions and addictions, low self-esteem and guilt. Other problematic things that I can help with, include relationship and family issues, sexual and spiritual matters, life crisis and "existential angst" (to do with meaninglessness and purposelessness).

My trainings have been transpersonal, which comes under the umbrella of humanistic psychology, and my approach would be described as spiritual (seeing the purpose behind a problem, and how it helps us to know our higher self), transpersonal (beyond the personal), Christian (how to recognise the higher morality Christ impulse operating in our psyche), and Jungian (looking at dreams and symptoms and their possible meaning), which embraces the cognitive and behavioural models of psychology, too. I specialise in dream exploration and their relationship to helpful mythological themes in our lives, and am also trained in and work with, where appropriate, shamanic journeying.

Spiritual & psychological counselling & psychotherapy on Skype internationally, and in Budapest, Hungary

What people have said about the benefits of therapy:

"I was at a real crossroads in my life, and Asha's friendly approach ~ especially looking at the wisdom of my own helpful dreams ~ did more than anything to get me onto the right path in so many ways." (Mike, aged 40)

"I sorted out a lot of stuff from the past with Asha. Sometimes it was tough going, and he was challenging... but it was always kind of fun too. I feel I can get on with my life properly now." (Ally, aged 28)

"Tremendously helpful... we both feel we have turned the corner in our marriage, which was really on the rocks." (K&T, Notting Hill)

In Budapest I have a small, quiet apartment with an excellent therapy space, and I Skype every week with people in the UK, as well as having done so regularly with people in such diverse places as the USA, Canada, Italy, the middle-east, Brazil, India, Slovenia, Australia and all over!


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